UPVC French Doors

Our UPVC French doors are available in our full  colour profile range. white , golden oak , woodgrain mahogany , rosewood  , anthracite grey and various mix and  match colours with ,colours on the outside and standard white on the inside .or some colour foils inside & outside on the same frame .


The below specification details our UPVC French doors. Using the same ironmongery as UPVC Residential doors, our French door sets are also designed with the installer in mind. Quality ironmongery all fixed directly into the frame  reinforcing ensures the products durability limiting and even eliminating remedial call-outs.

Locking System:

  • Our UPVC French door lock incorporates the six locking points of a Residential door which are made up of; two hook locks, two roller cams and one deadbolt  & one locking latch , but also includes as standard, shootbolts top and bottom.
  • These, when utilised  come complete with adjustable keeps allowing the installer to adjust compression to suit the client and the structural opening. Further compression adjustment is available through the concentric cams and hook bolt keeps.


  • A robust flag hinge which benefits from having all fixing screws penetrating into reinforcement. This significantly decreases the chances of door sashes "dropping" thus saving the installer from having to attend call-outs.
  • Capable of carrying 33kg per hinge and with adjustment in three dimensions, this hinge is available in White, Caramel and Dark Brown.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Utilising the comprehensive support from our supply chain,  French doors fitted  are able to perform whole frame U-Value calculations for your UPVC French door requirements.

Glazing Options

  • Doors can be double glazed with toughened glass units filled with argon gas ,Triple glazed again  toughend  glass throughout   or laminated glass for that extra piece of mind .

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Secured By Design:

  • To achieve Secured by Design, our UPVC French doors are manufactured to PAS 23/24 standards. Normally, the Secured By Design standard requires laminated glass which we confirm through communication with the client and the architectural liaison officer, also known as the Crime Prevention Design Advisor.

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